Start your Modeling Career

In recent decades we have seen an increased interest from young women and men that want to become part of the modeling industry. With the rise of marketing and specifically online marketing, more and more agencies are struggling to keep up with demands. This seems like the perfect situation of supply and demand, but quickly you would come to the realization that this isn’t the case. The modeling industry is based on perception, prestige, and image, and not all people can become models; it takes a lot of effort and hard work. What forms the outside can be seen as glamorous; it’s all hard work and the right decisions from the inside.


There is a lot of information nowadays online on strategies and ways that you can achieve success quickly. If this sounds too good to be true, probably it isn’t. All models have to struggle, especially the new ones that have to deal with misinformation and not so great agencies that cheat and lie to make a quick buck.

Knowing what to do

To start a career in modeling, you will need to start with creating a portfolio. The portfolio doesn’t need to be professionals, and you can easily create one for free by yourself or with a friend’s help. Here are some tips on how to start:


The first photo on your portfolio should be a headshot that includes the upper part of your shoulder. Preferably in this photo, you should have a natural mood and not smile. This is the perfect representation of your natural look. Also, keep makeup to the minimum.

-A full-length body shot

The next picture to enter into your portfolio is a full body length shot. Such an image will help agents and scouts to get a better idea of what they are looking for and what you can offer. Your features, skin health, and smile are vital and should all complement each other in a single shot

-Various pictures

The middle of your portfolio should include various pictures that show some character and taste. Clothing shouldn’t be too extravagant and please no fur. The modeling industry has had a lot of trouble from animal activists for the use of real fur. We also suggest that you should experiment with make-up to impress future employers.

-A close up photo

The last photo in your portfolio should be a close-up shot that best shows your features. Clients and agencies want a versatile look that they can mold and shape according to their needs. If you as a model can’t do more than five different looks, they wouldn’t even consider hiring you even if you are perfect for a specific job. Modeling agencies and models are looking for a long term relationship.


After you have completed your portfolio, you want to send it to as many agencies as possible. If you live in a major market such as New York, Tokyo, Paris, Milano, or Los Angeles, you can participate in events that modeling agencies organize. At these events, you can hand in business cards and resumes in person. If you live outside significant markets, then mails and emails are the perfect solutions for you. They are cheap and easy to do.

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