Should a Resume Include a Photo

A lot of people ask themselves if they should include a photo in their resume. It isn’t uncommon for people to wonder if they should have right after hitting the send button. But by this time, it’s too late, and you are left worrying if your future employers are impressed or not. The inclusion of photos into resumes depends on your situation. There is no clear answer; in some cases, you should, and it won’t be necessary for some other. Social networks use a profile picture to better represent their profile; Linkedin does it, so you shouldn’t? Nowadays, online resumes sent via email are the norm. There are plenty of ways to get creative, and a way to deal with this is to attach an URL to your social media profile for employers to have a chance to view some pictures if they want to.

Recruiting concerns

Many employers or recruitment agents use strategies to avoid mistakes and choose the best candidates for an interview. Some of these strategies consent to hiding the name and education of future employees in order to make a better judgment. Including a photo into your resume can make this process challenging, justifying recruiting agents not to consider you at all. On the other hand, we have human resources experts suggesting new employees include photos into their resumes. We live in the multimedia age, and it’s a great idea to include a link to your social media profile in case recruiting agents to want to see your profile picture. Even in the instances that you won’t have a link, there is nothing stopping recruiters and human resources to make a quick search online to see your pictures.

Attach a business card to your resume

We have discussed including a link to your social media account, preferably Linkedin, as it requires a professional photo as a profile picture. An option in the case that you don’t want to add a link is to attach a business card with your resume. This will make you look more professional and will help with your chances of getting hired.

Where to put your photo on a resume

In the cases that you are opting to include a photo into your resume, we strongly advise you to put it at the top right corner of your resume. In the cases where you have purchased a premade resume that you will need to fill with your information, you can include it at the specified place of such a resume.

Networking resume

If you are personally delivering resumes at conventions or various gatherings, including a photo is a good idea. When they look at your resume the picture will help them remember you and instantly make a connection if you let an impression upon them. You can include a photo in the cases where you think that your appearance will be helpful. You can also give future employers business cards with the promise that you can deliver a full resume if they want it to. The first impression is essential, and in this case, they are vital for your chances to succeed.

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