Road to Becoming a Fashion Model

The most commonly asked question that modeling agents receive is: “ how do I become a fashion model.” Agents and scouts know all about it, but it will take more than a friendly conversation for them to explain it. With so much information from books, the internet, and other forms of communication, new models can be confusing even just to start their career. So here we present some easy to follow steps for you to get started.

Take snapshots and photos.

While you want to improve your chances to become a fashion model, you will need a base to work from. Just taking photos and sending them to modeling agencies won’t do. You will need to have some kind of portfolio, and don’t worry, and these don’t need to be professionally made to get started. You can take these pictures by yourself or with the help of a friend. You want to make sure to get the best photos available, showing your features, body length, skin health, etc.

Increase your exposure

Most modeling agencies are specialized in one market. You want to make sure that you send photos to as many modeling agencies from various markets. If you live in one of the major markets, you can take advantage of it by participating in shows that modeling agencies organize.
If you live outside the markets, then mailing photos is the best option for you. Be careful because you want to send as many pictures to as many modeling agencies as possible, and very quickly, the expenses might add up. If you don’t have that much money to spend that emailing them is also a great idea. With so many photos that modeling agencies receive, it is easy for yours to get lost in the mix. Ensure that you take full advantage of any connections you might have with people in modeling agencies.

Know the best market for you

The term market on modeling industries refers to the geographical hubs of modeling such as New York, Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, etc. The term market is also used to specify a category in modeling such as commercial, fashion or petite. Most successful models that we see walking the runways and appearing in magazines only operate in one or two markets at best. But they are successful and well known and don’t need to compete in other markets, but they need as much exposure as possible as a newcomer. How knows, maybe you would like a specific market more than you anticipated and can grow from there.

Get evaluated by modeling agents and scouts.

Getting an accurate evaluation from modeling agents and scouts isn’t always easy. This is specifically true for people who live in smaller markets filled with modeling schools and photographers. Such modeling schools will give you the impression that you are the perfect fit for modeling so that they can get you to sing in one of their classes. It doesn’t mean that the classes aren’t good or the agent is terrible; it means that you should take your time to evaluate your disposal options. In most cases, aspiring models have some connection to people in modeling agencies because you don’t start a modeling career out of the blue. Use any means at your disposal to get an evaluation. Make sure that you get the best evaluation possible before you start a complicated endeavor that takes time and money.

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