Mother Modeling Agencies

When you start your modeling career you will frequently fear the terms mother agency or mother agent. But what’s a mother agency? Famous models have different agencies that represent them in different markets. For example, an experienced model has an agency that represents them in New York, one that represents them in Paris, and so on. With so many agencies representing a single model at a time, it can get confusing. This is the part where the mother agencies come into play. They are the ones that make sure that you schedule to contradict each other and are responsible for the model’s career. In most cases, a mother agency is where you will start your modeling career. Also in most cases that scout that discovers you is your mother’s agent.

How to find a good mother agency

Having a mother agency is a great idea especially for new models. But here is the tricky part, finding a good one. Mother agencies usually operate in market hubs and it’s difficult to find a good mother agency if you live in a smaller market. Mother agencies have the experience and their sole job is to protect you. They have the necessary insight for all new models that can’t acquire it in a short time.

Mother agents understand the industry

Rather than focusing on the local market mother agents have connections to outside agencies. They will analyze the options and select the best one for you. Mother agents have an inside look at how agencies operate and can easily tell which of them offers the better job with the largest pat. Also, they can give advice on how to behave and what steps you should take in order to better your chances of success.

Mother agencies are your protectors

With so many agencies that operate in the modeling industry, it is vital that you are under the protection of a mother agency. There is a reason why they are called mother agencies after all, as they protect models as a mother protects its children

Mother agencies get paid according to your success

If you live in smaller market hubs your mother agency will try to promote into a bigger market, usually, the one that it’s the closest to you. Mother agencies want you to have the best work available and your career isn’t the only reason. Mother agencies are paid based on the work you do. Typically agencies take up to 20% of your total income, it’s their fee for finding you work.
In return, agencies pay half of that percentage to their mother agency as part of their deal.

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