How to Start as a Model Agent, Scout or Booker

Being a model agent, scout, or booker can be an exciting career. It’s a job that involves a lot of travel, meeting new people, attending fashion shows and afterparties. As fun as all of this might sound, there is a lot of effort that gets put into becoming a modeling agent. You will have to spend a lot of time in airports and hotels and have to deal with demanding clients’ hassle. You will also have to deal with the diva character that some models might have, which can get pretty stressful.
It is essential to distinguish the role of scouts, agents, and bookers. Scouts are the ones always on the lookout for new faces. They are the ones that guide new models either to the modeling agency that hires them or to various modeling agencies. Once the deal is made, then agents and bookers take over. An agent and a booker usually are the same thing, and they do the same thing as any other agent in another field does. They manage the model’s time and organize jobs for them.

Have a basic understanding of contract law

An agent doesn’t need to have a law degree, but having good knowledge of negotiating a contract will give you an edge over the competition. There is much to be learned, and you can find all the necessary information online.

Be professional

You are operating in an industry that it’s heavily based on perception, looks, and prestige. In order to make it as a model agent or a scout, you will have to be presentable yourself. Character and charisma are fundamental as a modeling agent, and you will have to be as professional as possible.

Focus only on one market

As a newcomer into the industry, scouts, and agents can get overwhelming to keep up with the competition. Until you are a well-known agent, you should focus on only one modeling field, such as commercial, fashion, or kid models. In this way, you will make sure to gain a lot of experience and become the go-to when it comes to a specific need that modeling agencies require.

Start at the mailroom.

We all know the history of Barry Diller, one of the most successful agents in the field, and his beginnings in the mailroom. You don’t literally need to start at the mailroom, but taking an unpaid job as an intern or an assistant will allow you to see first hand the inner dealing of a modeling agency. Also, it gives you some base so you can work your way up to success.

The passion for the industry

The modeling industry is not all big glitz and glamour; it takes a lot of effort to succeed. Usually, experienced agents are the ones that see themselves not doing any other kind of work. For people that see this as a way just to make money, their energy will run out fast. If you don’t have a passion for fashion and modeling, you will get exhausted quickly, making you want to quit.

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