How To Create a Model’s Portfolio

When you are starting as a model, you won’t need to have a portfolio and professional photos. All you need to get started are some simple snapshots and pictures that best represent you. Some modeling agencies will express their interest in representing you and require you more work to develop your look. This can get confusing to new models, and you won’t have any idea what it means. Agencies like photos that show a model’s ability to be shaped and molded into what the business requires of them, even in the cases where they don’t have many photos and a well-developed portfolio. Here are some essentials that will help you create a better portfolio that will significantly improve your chances of success.

A headshot

Make sure that you always include a headshot while wearing minimal make-up in your book. In fact, you can make it the first photo into your portfolio. The purpose of this photo must be on the natural look of a model. Typically this photo includes the model’s face, including a portion of their shoulders. Such photo models are advised not to smile as clients and modeling agencies want to see what you will look usually. This is essential in the evaluation process and can be the difference between success and failure.

A full body photo

The next photo that should go into the book is a full-length body shot. Clothes should be kept as simple as possible, a t-shirt and jeans are what you should go for. The most important thing about this photo is to show your body high and shape, which are essential for clients that operate in the clothing industry. Clients want to make sure that the clothes that they sell are a perfect fit for everyone, and that’s what models are for. They are the ideal representation of how the final product will look like.

Swimsuit shot

If you are comfortable taking a swimsuit shot that you should most definitely take it. When taking a swimsuit shot, you must send the right message. If you want to land into well-known fashion magazines, consider that women mostly read them. Modeling agencies don’t want to see a picture of you as wallpapers but as serious fashion trends.

A smiling shot

A model is meant to be gregarious, and you will have to have a smiling picture in the middle of your book. Clients and agents want to see your smile, and most specifically, your teeth. Nowadays, a white smile is mandatory for all models, and more and more people are investing a fortune into getting a straight and white smile. For models, this is a way to earn a living, and it’s a must. So consider it before you take photos and include them into a model’s portfolio.

The perfect closing photo

Some people think that nowadays sees the end of a book, but that’s not true. Agents of modeling agencies are professionals, and they will look until the end of a portfolio. They want to get the best models to represent as this affects their prestige and exposure. In most cases, modeling agencies take their agents’ word, and this can make or break your dream. Preferably this photo should be a close-up shot of your face while showing some character. A close-up shot perfectly closes the book, and it’s a reference to the first shot. This photo will complete the transformation of your look from black and white into a colorful character, which is what the process will look like if you get signed up.

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