How To Create a Model’s Portfolio

When you are starting as a model, you won’t need to have a portfolio and professional photos. All you need to get started are some simple snapshots and pictures that best represent you. Some modeling agencies will express their interest in representing you and require you more work to develop your look. This can get confusing to new models, and you won’t have any idea what it means. Agencies like photos that show a model’s ability to be shaped and molded into what the business requires of them, even in the cases where they don’t have many photos and a well-developed portfolio. Here are some essentials that will help you create a better portfolio that will significantly improve your chances of success.

A headshot

Make sure that you always include a headshot while wearing minimal make-up in your book. In fact, you can make it the first photo into your portfolio. The purpose of this photo must be on the natural look of a model. Typically this photo includes the model’s face, including a portion of their shoulders. Such photo models are advised not to smile as clients and modeling agencies want to see what you will look usually. This is essential in the evaluation process and can be the difference between success and failure.

A full body photo

The next photo that should go into the book is a full-length body shot. Clothes should be kept as simple as possible, a t-shirt and jeans are what you should go for. The most important thing about this photo is to show your body high and shape, which are essential for clients that operate in the clothing industry. Clients want to make sure that the clothes that they sell are a perfect fit for everyone, and that’s what models are for. They are the ideal representation of how the final product will look like.

Swimsuit shot

If you are comfortable taking a swimsuit shot that you should most definitely take it. When taking a swimsuit shot, you must send the right message. If you want to land into well-known fashion magazines, consider that women mostly read them. Modeling agencies don’t want to see a picture of you as wallpapers but as serious fashion trends.

A smiling shot

A model is meant to be gregarious, and you will have to have a smiling picture in the middle of your book. Clients and agents want to see your smile, and most specifically, your teeth. Nowadays, a white smile is mandatory for all models, and more and more people are investing a fortune into getting a straight and white smile. For models, this is a way to earn a living, and it’s a must. So consider it before you take photos and include them into a model’s portfolio.

The perfect closing photo

Some people think that nowadays sees the end of a book, but that’s not true. Agents of modeling agencies are professionals, and they will look until the end of a portfolio. They want to get the best models to represent as this affects their prestige and exposure. In most cases, modeling agencies take their agents’ word, and this can make or break your dream. Preferably this photo should be a close-up shot of your face while showing some character. A close-up shot perfectly closes the book, and it’s a reference to the first shot. This photo will complete the transformation of your look from black and white into a colorful character, which is what the process will look like if you get signed up.

How to Become a Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Model

Once a year, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition is published for the public. This is an excellent opportunity for models, and in some cases, can launch their careers. So what does it take to be featured in this magazine? Let’s find out.

Beauty and athleticism

In this magazine, models are encouraged to be themselves and have a natural pose. Let’s not forget that this is the swimsuit edition. The photos are classy without showing too much of the model’s body.


The Swimsuit edition of this magazine doesn’t hold the typical auditions. They call various models that want to participate in the event and pick the top 25 to be featured in the magazine. Sports illustrated won’t accept online applications. They will invite models from significant modeling agencies in the hopes that they show up. More than other models show up, as this is an excellent opportunity to get free exposure from one of the most prestigious magazines in the modeling industry.

You don’t need to be a swimsuit model.

If you operate in smaller markets, you might find modeling agencies that specialize in swimsuit models. Major modeling agencies that work in major markets such as New York, Milan, Paris, or Los Angeles won’t have a dedicated division for the swimsuit; still, their models are invited to participate in the event.


If you are an experienced model, this will significantly improve your chances of getting featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Also, new models will have a fair chance to get the same exposure even in the cases where they haven’t worked as a model before. As a model, it’s best to have a modeling agency representing you; freelance and non-experience just won’t cut it.

Plus-size models

While Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition focuses more on athleticism, nowadays, it isn’t that rare to find plus-size models in the magazine. The first plus-size model to be featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine was Robyn Lawley in 2015. She measures 6’22’ and size 11 in US measurements.

When you don’t make it

Remember that this is a highly competitive event, and you are competing with giants of the industry. Only 25 of these models will be featured in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and among these 25, only a few rookies will be featured. We advise you to try again next week. Don’t worry, and there are plenty of other swimsuit competitions for you to attend.

Prestige and fame

The main reason that even experienced models want to compete in this event is free exposure. The publishing of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is a prestigious event in the world of modeling and the general public. On the other hand, we have many scouts and agents that join this event in hopes that they can find new faces to represent. It’s always a good idea to participate in this event, even if your chances of making it into print are slim. Who knows, you might find an agent that it’s willing to represent you.

Beware of these Modeling Agencies Red Flags

There are plenty of meddling agencies on the market that works hard to become the best. Also, they make sure to take care of their models and want the best jobs for their clients. Unfortunately, there are also many other not so good modeling agencies, and you want to make sure how to stop such agencies before you sign them.
If you are a new model and desperate for work, you must watch out for these modeling agencies, as you might have guessed you are the perfect target for them. It’s easier for experienced models to know if a job is right for them instantly. New models are eager to start and will take any work they can get, and from here, bad things can happen that might make you rethink your choice of becoming a model.

Modeling agencies that insist on taking modeling classes

There are a lot of schools that are linked with modeling agencies that are genuine and want to give you the advantage to start with. But many modeling agencies make a living by providing new models classes with the promise that they will get hired from the modeling agency itself. Just take a moment and evaluate such a promise, because if in a class of fifteen models, only three of them get the chance at an audition. The other twelve models will have to look elsewhere for employment. The numbers just don’t add up.

Always check with BBB( Better Business Bureau)

The BBB is created with the sole purpose to rate businesses based on their ethical practices with the intent of protecting customers. They collect information about a company, a modeling agency, and give feedback to clients and customers who want to work with such an agency. Before you even consider signing with agencies, just make sure to check their BBB standing.

Agencies that require pictures from a specific photographer

Beware of the modeling agencies that have an in-house photographer. They will approach new models with the intent of selling them custom portfolios made by professionals. Usually, these modeling agencies are a front for a ‘photo mill.’ Keep in mind that professional photos aren’t required in order to get a modeling agency to represent you. On most occasions, modeling agencies will help you improve your portfolio and won’t charge any extra for it, as that is what they are getting paid for.

Huge payouts

The main reason you started as a model is to make a fortune so that you can retire early and enjoy life. We all have seen the glamorous life that famous fashion models have, but it takes a lot of effort and work to get there. Modeling agencies that offer huge numbers at the beginning most likely won’t deliver. When something sounds too good to be true, it most likely is.

A Strategy to Submit Modeling Photos to Agencies

If you are just starting as a model and want to impress modeling agencies, you will find some tips that will help you get the perfect presentation. Even if you are an experienced model looking into expanding your image, these tips can also apply to you.

Simple photos are best.

Modeling agencies always tend to mold you into something that you, their clients, and the agency like. Keeping photos simple will give you an edge over the competition. We know that this might sound strange, but we are talking with experience. It can be advantageous for you, even if you are an experienced model, to take a simple snapshot and send it to modeling agencies.

Minimal Make-up

Modeling agencies are always scouting for the natural look. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put on any make-up at all, but keeping it to a minimum will send a clear message that you can have more than one look. Also, minimal makeup will help you with your character as modeling agencies want a blank project to work on for their various projects.

One headshot and one body shot

Preferably you will need a headshot and a body shot that can perfectly highlight your features. Also, you can include additional photos while smiling and another with a neutral mood. Be sure that you send a profile picture with your best side because everyone has one.

Only you on the photos

There are a lot of Instagram models that tend to send their social media photos to modeling agencies, and that won’t do. You will need simple pictures, and we can stretch this enough only for you on the images. Sometimes if you send photos with your friends, it will be confusing for modeling agencies to figure out which among you is the model. In most cases, modeling agencies won’t even look at such photos.

Include all of you contact information

These tips will help you create the equivalent of a curriculum vitae that companies use before calling future employees for an interview. Like a CV, you should also include all of your contact information, such as mobile phone, email, and various communication means. The city you live in is also important to mention when you send these photos to modeling agencies. Because this is a modeling agency, your measurements such as high, weight, hip measurements, bust, and waist should be included alongside your contact information.

A swimsuit photo

If you want, you can also include a swimsuit picture for your future employers. A swimsuit is a perfect photo for aspiring and experienced models to show all of their body features in order to increase our chances of getting hired.

Simple clothing

Make sure not to wear extravagant clothes and please no fur under any circumstances. Modeling agencies receive a lot of trouble for advertising real fur, and they don’t want to deal with the trouble. Your hairstyle should also be simple and a representation of simplicity, giving modeling agencies the necessary space to work with. All modeling agencies want to have versatile models to shape and mold into what business requires.

A Perfect Modeling Resume

If you ever worked outside of the modeling industry, you will know the importance of a resume. A resume is filled with information such as education, past experiences and your personal interest in a bid to impress a future employer. Typically new models will search online for a model’s resume, and they fill it with their information. There is no such thing as a model’s resume, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared for your first job.

A modeling resume won’t help.

There are a lot of websites on the internet that will try to sell premade modeling resumes. New models are usually the ones that fall for this stuff. Starting models will purchase modeling resumes, and they will fill it with their information. If you ask scouts and agents in the last decades, they will tell you that they have never asked for a resume. So if you are about to buy a modeling resume, just save your money for something more useful.

Send photos and snapshots instead.

A collection of photos or snapshots are the resume of models. It doesn’t matter if these pictures are from work that models have done or pictures made by professional photographers that models have hired at their own expense. Photos of existing work that models have participated in are called “tearsheets”; the ones made at their own expense are called “test.” You can use such photos as a resume to send to agencies, agents, scouts or even potential employers in order to improve your chances of getting hired. Amateur snapshots are acceptable, although a professionally made picture will give you an edge over the competition. It shows that you have created an effort to impress your future employers, and they will notice it.
Instead of spending money on a modeling resume, you can purchase what the modeling is referred to as a “composite card.” A composite card is a collection of a model’s top six or seven photos with their name on it. Make sure that these photos have at least one headshot and a full body length. Also, you should include pictures while smiling and minimal make-up. Agents of modeling agencies want to make sure that you are versatile as they need to mold and shape you into the look that clients are looking for.

Rules are more of a guideline.

There are some strict rules that models, especially new ones that must be followed. Also, there are some rules that you can discard. This is the case when models also are models. In this case, they will need to have a resume that goes along with photos for modeling jobs.
You are primarily a model, and modeling agencies won’t use resumes or even photos to represent their models. The modeling industry is heavily based on prestige and perception. In a few words, models won’t have to stress about a resume. Agents and clients don’t want them, and models won’t need them.