How to Become a Sport’s Illustrated Swimsuit Model

Once a year, the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition is published for the public. This is an excellent opportunity for models, and in some cases, can launch their careers. So what does it take to be featured in this magazine? Let’s find out.

Beauty and athleticism

In this magazine, models are encouraged to be themselves and have a natural pose. Let’s not forget that this is the swimsuit edition. The photos are classy without showing too much of the model’s body.


The Swimsuit edition of this magazine doesn’t hold the typical auditions. They call various models that want to participate in the event and pick the top 25 to be featured in the magazine. Sports illustrated won’t accept online applications. They will invite models from significant modeling agencies in the hopes that they show up. More than other models show up, as this is an excellent opportunity to get free exposure from one of the most prestigious magazines in the modeling industry.

You don’t need to be a swimsuit model.

If you operate in smaller markets, you might find modeling agencies that specialize in swimsuit models. Major modeling agencies that work in major markets such as New York, Milan, Paris, or Los Angeles won’t have a dedicated division for the swimsuit; still, their models are invited to participate in the event.


If you are an experienced model, this will significantly improve your chances of getting featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Also, new models will have a fair chance to get the same exposure even in the cases where they haven’t worked as a model before. As a model, it’s best to have a modeling agency representing you; freelance and non-experience just won’t cut it.

Plus-size models

While Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition focuses more on athleticism, nowadays, it isn’t that rare to find plus-size models in the magazine. The first plus-size model to be featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine was Robyn Lawley in 2015. She measures 6’22’ and size 11 in US measurements.

When you don’t make it

Remember that this is a highly competitive event, and you are competing with giants of the industry. Only 25 of these models will be featured in the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and among these 25, only a few rookies will be featured. We advise you to try again next week. Don’t worry, and there are plenty of other swimsuit competitions for you to attend.

Prestige and fame

The main reason that even experienced models want to compete in this event is free exposure. The publishing of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is a prestigious event in the world of modeling and the general public. On the other hand, we have many scouts and agents that join this event in hopes that they can find new faces to represent. It’s always a good idea to participate in this event, even if your chances of making it into print are slim. Who knows, you might find an agent that it’s willing to represent you.