A Strategy to Submit Modeling Photos to Agencies

If you are just starting as a model and want to impress modeling agencies, you will find some tips that will help you get the perfect presentation. Even if you are an experienced model looking into expanding your image, these tips can also apply to you.

Simple photos are best.

Modeling agencies always tend to mold you into something that you, their clients, and the agency like. Keeping photos simple will give you an edge over the competition. We know that this might sound strange, but we are talking with experience. It can be advantageous for you, even if you are an experienced model, to take a simple snapshot and send it to modeling agencies.

Minimal Make-up

Modeling agencies are always scouting for the natural look. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t put on any make-up at all, but keeping it to a minimum will send a clear message that you can have more than one look. Also, minimal makeup will help you with your character as modeling agencies want a blank project to work on for their various projects.

One headshot and one body shot

Preferably you will need a headshot and a body shot that can perfectly highlight your features. Also, you can include additional photos while smiling and another with a neutral mood. Be sure that you send a profile picture with your best side because everyone has one.

Only you on the photos

There are a lot of Instagram models that tend to send their social media photos to modeling agencies, and that won’t do. You will need simple pictures, and we can stretch this enough only for you on the images. Sometimes if you send photos with your friends, it will be confusing for modeling agencies to figure out which among you is the model. In most cases, modeling agencies won’t even look at such photos.

Include all of you contact information

These tips will help you create the equivalent of a curriculum vitae that companies use before calling future employees for an interview. Like a CV, you should also include all of your contact information, such as mobile phone, email, and various communication means. The city you live in is also important to mention when you send these photos to modeling agencies. Because this is a modeling agency, your measurements such as high, weight, hip measurements, bust, and waist should be included alongside your contact information.

A swimsuit photo

If you want, you can also include a swimsuit picture for your future employers. A swimsuit is a perfect photo for aspiring and experienced models to show all of their body features in order to increase our chances of getting hired.

Simple clothing

Make sure not to wear extravagant clothes and please no fur under any circumstances. Modeling agencies receive a lot of trouble for advertising real fur, and they don’t want to deal with the trouble. Your hairstyle should also be simple and a representation of simplicity, giving modeling agencies the necessary space to work with. All modeling agencies want to have versatile models to shape and mold into what business requires.

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