A Perfect Modeling Resume

If you ever worked outside of the modeling industry, you will know the importance of a resume. A resume is filled with information such as education, past experiences and your personal interest in a bid to impress a future employer. Typically new models will search online for a model’s resume, and they fill it with their information. There is no such thing as a model’s resume, but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be prepared for your first job.

A modeling resume won’t help.

There are a lot of websites on the internet that will try to sell premade modeling resumes. New models are usually the ones that fall for this stuff. Starting models will purchase modeling resumes, and they will fill it with their information. If you ask scouts and agents in the last decades, they will tell you that they have never asked for a resume. So if you are about to buy a modeling resume, just save your money for something more useful.

Send photos and snapshots instead.

A collection of photos or snapshots are the resume of models. It doesn’t matter if these pictures are from work that models have done or pictures made by professional photographers that models have hired at their own expense. Photos of existing work that models have participated in are called “tearsheets”; the ones made at their own expense are called “test.” You can use such photos as a resume to send to agencies, agents, scouts or even potential employers in order to improve your chances of getting hired. Amateur snapshots are acceptable, although a professionally made picture will give you an edge over the competition. It shows that you have created an effort to impress your future employers, and they will notice it.
Instead of spending money on a modeling resume, you can purchase what the modeling is referred to as a “composite card.” A composite card is a collection of a model’s top six or seven photos with their name on it. Make sure that these photos have at least one headshot and a full body length. Also, you should include pictures while smiling and minimal make-up. Agents of modeling agencies want to make sure that you are versatile as they need to mold and shape you into the look that clients are looking for.

Rules are more of a guideline.

There are some strict rules that models, especially new ones that must be followed. Also, there are some rules that you can discard. This is the case when models also are models. In this case, they will need to have a resume that goes along with photos for modeling jobs.
You are primarily a model, and modeling agencies won’t use resumes or even photos to represent their models. The modeling industry is heavily based on prestige and perception. In a few words, models won’t have to stress about a resume. Agents and clients don’t want them, and models won’t need them.

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