Why scolding is so damn healthy


Do you slip out of strong expressions in stressful situations? OK then! We explain how it benefits your health

So you have an important appointment, but do not find your damn keys. You run through the apartment in a hurry and hit the table leg with your toes. SHIT, that hurts! As soon as you find the bloody dirt key, get in the stupid crap car and drive off. When you reach your destination, the stupid idiot grabs the last parking space in front of you. You have to park on the other side of the world and be late, damn ax!

A scenario that sounds familiar to you in one way or another? In such stressful situations, swear words dominate your vocabulary? That’s a good thing! Dr. Udo Baer, ​​qualified pedagogue, therapist and author of the book. Explains why swearing can be good for your health.

Why do people curse?

It’s like a steaming kettle: At some point the pressure has to be released. Swear words are very good at relieving your psyche – just like anything else that turns your emotions from the inside out leaves “, explains the expert. By verbalizing negative feelings, you do not swallow your anger, but instead reduce stress. But your body also benefits from cursing on a physical level.

What are the health consequences of suppressed feelings?

If negative feelings build up in you and are not let out, this creates permanent disaffection – you can even become seriously physically ill. “Suppressing your feelings has been shown to increase the likelihood of high blood pressure, inflammation and stomach ulcers,” warns Baer. These effects do not have to occur immediately; they develop in a gradual process.

What happens in the brain when I curse?

This happens in the limbic system, that is, the brain area for emotional impulses,” explains Baer. You can think of it like a lightning strike. First there is tension in a thundercloud. This is then suddenly discharged by lightning. If you are angry, it will affect your entire body.

Is it true that swearing relieves pain?

In a neurological study by  Keele University in England, scientists found that curses can actually relieve pain. In a test, test subjects were divided into 2 groups and had to put their hands in ice water. One group was allowed to complain extensively, the other group was forbidden. The result: subjects who used strong expressions were able to keep their hands in the ice water longer and subjectively felt less pain.

Is there a proper measure for swearing?

however, it is not socially acceptable to grumble, for example in a job interview. If you constantly grumble and annoy yourself about everything, it can become a burden.” And not only for you, but also for those around you. You don’t want to sit next to someone who is constantly cursing, right? If you find that too many swear words are affecting your social relationships, you should cut it down.

By the way, it is a myth that people who curse a lot are more intelligent, since cursing is an expression of feelings and not of intelligence.

What if I berate someone?
It’s about the crucial difference between cursing and insulting: if you bump your toe on a table leg and rant angrily, don’t insult anyone. Swearing is okay when driving too, as the person in the other car (hopefully) won’t hear you. That fits the essence of cursing: It helps especially when you can’t change the actual situation.

Most of the time, people only curse people when they are not there. Admit it: after visiting your mother-in-law, you only get upset about her after she has left the house. If she is at the table, behave mostly civilized and polite. That’s perfectly fine, it’s about social compatibility. If everyone was honestly saying (or screaming) what they thought about them all the time, hardly anyone would have friends and relationships anymore. In the long run it is definitely not a healthy solution to carry it out with yourself.

Even in the event of a conflict, bombarding a person with swear words is not recommended, no matter how big the anger is. This only hardens the fronts and only causes you new states of stress such as feelings of guilt. It can also cost you friendships. When dealing directly with people, it is definitely better to have a constructive conversation than to swear out loud.

If a curse escapes you around other people, immediately make it clear that it has nothing to do with those present and calm down as best you can.

Should children be allowed to swear?

Many people remember the saying “wash your mouth with soap” from their childhood when they slipped out one or the other expletive phrase. Baer strongly recommends, however, that children be allowed to swear. Just make your children aware of certain terms and set clear rules for cursing, too.

Swearing is a human need and can be beneficial for body and soul. You can whistle about dogmas from your childhood like “You don’t say shit”. It’s best to scold loudly when nobody else hears it. Swearing does not become a bad habit, but health management.


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