Sauna – hot pleasure against colds


The temperatures drop or fluctuate constantly in autumn. This is the best prerequisite for the first cold. For this reason, sauna sessions are rising again on the popularity scale. Not only because of the warm relaxation pleasure, but also to prepare the immune system for the fight against viruses and bacteria in the cold season. sauna

Why does the sauna have a positive effect on health?

Countless studies show that regular sauna visitors are less likely to get sick because they strengthen their immune system by going to the sauna. The heart beats faster in the sauna and sweat production is stimulated. Breathing changes and happiness hormones are also released.

But the most important thing is to alternate between the hot sauna cabin and the subsequent immersion in the cold water. By constantly alternating between hot and cold, the body learns to adapt to changing situations. The vessels can then widen or narrow more quickly. This means that the body can adapt faster as a result and concentrate on them when confronted with viruses and bacteria.

How do the different sauna types differ?

The sauna is originally from Finland. For this reason, the typical Finnish sauna is not missing in any spa area – a wooden cabin with temperatures between 80 and 100 degrees and a humidity of just 10 percent. Infusions with essential oils increase the pleasure of sweating.

The sanarium , also known as the bio sauna , is much gentler. It reaches a maximum temperature of 60 degrees Celsius with a humidity of around 50 percent. Due to the low heat there are no infusions here. However, there are often vessels with essential oils ready, the scent of which spreads in the sauna.

The earth sauna is very similar to the Finnish sauna. Here, however, the ground is walled in, which is why it is even hotter. The temperature here rises to 110 degrees Celsius.

Only a low 40 degrees can be found in the tepidarium . Here you can strengthen the circulation without stressing it.

In steam baths you sweat at a humidity of 100 percent and 60 degrees. Since the haze puts a light film of water on the skin, you don’t notice the heat so quickly. For this reason, steam baths are perceived as particularly pleasant. But, since the skin is already moistened with liquid, it sweats a lot harder and the body is more stressed.

The Turkish hammam is offered more and more often . It is also a steam bath. However, this is not just about rest and sweating, but also about body cleansing. A tellak (lifeguard) performs massages. There is usually a strict gender segregation here.

You have to find out for yourself which sauna suits you best. However, in order to benefit from a sauna session for as long as possible, there are a few basic rules:

Take enough time and try to relax on the way to the sauna. All stress generators, such as your cell phone, should stay outside. If you want to do several sauna sessions, you need two to three hours to achieve the necessary relaxation.

Avoid hearty meals before going to the sauna, because they are then in your stomach. But don’t go into the sauna hungry either, and eat a light meal about two hours beforehand. During the sauna sessions you should drink to make up for the fluid deficit. However, alcohol and cigarettes are an absolute taboo because they affect blood circulation.

Even if it doesn’t make the feeling of shame easy, do not use swimwear in the sauna. Swimwear constricts and prevents sweat from draining off sufficiently. A sauna towel is sufficient.

Before you enter the sauna, you have to wash off extensively so that fats and oils are rinsed off. You can then go into the hot cabin completely dry because dry skin sweats more easily. It is best to take a seat on the top or middle bench, because short and hot saunas put less strain on the circulation than weak saunas that are long. Ideally, lie down on the bench. This position makes it easier for the heart to pump blood around the body. So that you don’t get dizzy when you get up at the end of the sauna, sit up for the last two to three minutes. If you would like to be there with an infusion, you should end your visit with it.

Aromatic oils for health!

Aromatic oils that are used in the sauna should be tailored to your own needs depending on their effect:

  • Citrus fruits – The refreshing scent invigorates. A fragrance ideal for relieving stress.
  • Eucalyptus – It clears the airways and is good for colds.
  • Jasmine – The plant helps against skin irritation and muscle cramps.
  • Melissa – An infusion with lemon balm oil lets you relax and then sleep deeply.
  • Honey – The flower nectar has an anti-inflammatory effect. The sweet scent is very popular.
  • Rosemary – Prevents colds and stimulates the circulation.
  • Mint – Relieves headaches and keeps the airways clear.


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