Prevention of coughs, runny nose and co

Prevention of coughs

In the morning a little sore throat, during the day your nose starts to drip, you feel limp, muscles and joints ache easily – the next day you cough, you measure a fever and have a little “temperature” … Infected! You have fallen victim to a flu-like infection, commonly known as a “cold”. An intact immune system has the chance that this will not happen THIS autumn (or at least not that bad …)

Rule number one: wherever possible – keep your distance! Even with (still) healthy people! It takes up to five days for the disease to break out – five days during which the sick do not feel anything of their infection, but are already highly contagious. A warm kiss – and your health will be done for the next one or two weeks!

The flu infection – not to be confused with a real flu! – is transmitted by droplets, the pathogens are everywhere. As soon as an infected person sneezes, the air they breathe is contaminated. When blowing his nose, he also touches his nose – and then attacks the door handle, flushes the toilet, turns on the light, picks up the phone, turns on the TV …

Rules number two to five: Ventilate regularly, this lowers the concentration of cold viruses in the air. You shouldn’t let the mucous membranes dry out, because that makes them more susceptible (seawater nasal sprays or inhalation can help). In addition, you should wash your hands more often than usual with soap (and never dry them with a towel, wherever!). And: You mustn’t touch your face! If you first touch an infected area and then your own nose, the viruses can easily penetrate the body.

Rule number six: A well-functioning immune system releases a variety of substances that kill viruses and bacteria. According to experts, the activity of the affected cells in our blood can be increased by taking immunomodulators – these are medicinal plants such as coneflower (Echinacea) or wild indigo (Baptisia), the tree of life (Thuja) and water hemp (Eupatorium). Vitamin C and zinc can also help.

Rule number eight: sleep a lot and little stress. The immune system is promoted by sufficient rest and sleep. This is due to the redistribution of resources in the body: If the immune system is stressed, it can recover better when resting and gather its strength – and form defence substances. Too much stress, on the other hand, reduces the ability to optimally ward off and combat pathogens. For this reason, relaxation training such as “autogenic training” can also have an anti-infection effect.


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