Laughter is healthy – gelotology, the science of laughter

Laughter is healthy

Did you know that laughter is explored? Scientists – the gelotologists – have been studying the effect of laughter on emotions and health since the 1960s. The term gelotology, the science of laughter, is derived from the Greek “gelos” = laughter. Around 200 psychologists, immunologists, neurologists, stress researchers and many others do research in this field worldwide. And for a good reason: Laughing is healthy! laugh

Laughter is not only an expression of cheerfulness, but it has a positive effect on the body and soul. Everyone knows the saying: “Laughter is the best medicine.” But today we often laugh too little. While children still have around 400 laughs a day, adults only laugh an average of 15 times a day. However, if you consider that laughing makes people more creative, happier and more spontaneous, that laughter detracts from pain and reduces stress, then you should bring yourself to a smile more often.

A laugh usually lasts two seconds and seven quick HaHas. The diaphragm bounces, the pulse races, the pupils become large and the fingertips moist. The muscles of the legs and the bladder relax and the breath blows out of the mouth at 100 km / h. This physical reaction in two seconds of serenity has the following positive effects on health:

The breathing is strongly excited, which leads to an accelerated exchange of used and oxygen-enriched air. This promotes the combustion processes in the body.

The heartbeat is first accelerated and then slowing down significantly. This lowers blood pressure, relaxes the muscles and improves blood flow. Stress hormones are broken down and the digestive glands are stimulated.

Laughter helps relieve pain . The production of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline is reduced and endorphins, which have an analgesic and pain-suppressing effect, are released. Pain sufferers gain relief after just a few minutes of laughter that lasts for hours. Laughter can help you recover more quickly.

The body’s immune system is activated. It has been shown that the blood levels of gamma interferon, killer T cells and antibodies increase in people who are laughing. The hormone-like substance gamma interferon activates and coordinates the production of several endogenous antibodies, while the killer T cells destroy cells that are already infected.

Laughter is said to be the greatest enemy of stress . Instead of the stress hormones, the happiness hormones are released. Laughter relieves tension, headaches and insomnia.

The application of humor and laughter are used in therapy . It is hoped that this will lead to better results in psychiatry and psychology. When you laugh, your thought patterns loosen up and your view of things changes. Laughter, for example, often helps to overcome adversity.

Laughter also helps against springtime tiredness . A minute of laughter is like 45 minutes of relaxation training.
Since over 300 different muscles are activated in our body when we laugh, it is often referred to as internal jogging. Since the health effect of laughing should not be underestimated, you can also train it.

Dr. Kataria is the inventor of laughter yoga. Laughter yoga includes breathing exercises, stretching and stretching exercises as well as borrowings from yoga with which body, mind and soul are to be brought into a state in which laughter becomes independent. The principle is: simulation leads to stimulation.


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