Healthy sleep – time to regenerate

Healthy sleep

Although the days are getting longer and longer, they are still far too short for us to actually manage all the tasks that have to be mastered. We often steal a few hours from our bedtime in order to cope with our everyday stress. Sleep

But we forget that our body has only limited energy reserves that have to be protected and replenished by sleep. During sleep, breathing and pulse slow down, the body temperature drops, blood pressure drops and the nervous system is less excitable. This means that the body sets its functions back to minimum requirements and can recover.

If the body is not allowed this recovery and build-up phase to an adequate extent over a longer period of time, this can lead to severe physical impairment with health, social and psychological consequences. But not only the amount of sleep but also the quality of sleep must be correspondingly good in order to achieve the necessary recovery. The main causes of poor sleep quality are work stress, the length of working hours, and family and health problems.

Here are a few tips for a healthy sleep:

Leave the stress in front of the bedroom door.
Ventilate the bedroom sufficiently.
The room temperature should be low.
Make sure you keep your feet warm.
A bath in the tub relaxes before going to bed.
Never go to bed hungry, but your stomach shouldn’t be too full either.
Warm milk or herbal tea are old home remedies that still help.
Make sure you have a good bed with a healthy and suitable mattress.
Avoid exercising right before sleep. Exercise during the day makes you tired.
Alcohol, tea, coffee or cigarettes can lead to sleep disorders.
If you follow these simple tips, you will benefit from them in various areas of life.

Good performance through healthy sleep
Healthy sleep does not make you smarter, it makes you more creative and efficient. The REM phase is the phase in which we dream, process information and reduce stress. It is assumed that in this phase existing memory contents are connected with new information and new thought networks are established with the help of neurotransmitters.

Staying slim with healthy sleep
In the body, the hormones ghrelin and leptin are responsible for the energy balance. Ghrelin controls the appetite and leptin is responsible for the fat reserves. In people with too little sleep, the daily metabolism changes and leads to food cravings that make you fat.

Reducing the
risk of heart attacks through healthy sleep Getting enough sleep reduces vascular deposits, which are a major risk factor for cardiovascular diseases.

Healthy sleep for happiness in relationships
Poor or insufficient sleep can kill relationships. If you sleep well, you’re happier with your relationship. In addition, people in a stable or new relationship sleep better than unmarried, newly separated or people who are dissatisfied in their relationship.


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