Healthy and beautiful teeth – first aid for toothache on vacation

Healthy Teeth

Toothache has the bad quality of always appearing when you least need it. They come especially inconvenient on vacation! You have to look for a dentist in a foreign country and then often communicate in a foreign language. Even if you have a good command of the foreign language, technical terms such as inflammation, gums, filling, etc. are usually not used.

Dental problems do not usually arise suddenly. They usually develop slowly and insidiously. In order to prevent toothache while on vacation, regular dental check-ups should be included in the preparation for your vacation. The appointment should be made in good time so that any necessary multiple treatment can be completed before the start of the journey.

Let your dentist know about your vacation plans so that he can check your teeth very carefully. During this treatment, your dentist will

Eliminate tooth decay in the early stages
Remove debris and tartar as this can lead to gingivitis
Examine fillings for damage
Make pathological processes visible with an X-ray
If you still have a toothache during your vacation, we have put together a few tips to alleviate it.

Rules of conduct for toothache:

General behavior:
Local heat, alcohol, caffeine and nicotine should be avoided. Drinks and food that are too hot or too cold should not come into contact with the affected teeth. Rinse your mouth several times a day with warm water or a chamomile solution. The head should not lie flat. Often times, pain can get worse after initial relief. Over-the-counter pain relievers can be taken temporarily.

When the swelling starts:
The most important thing is cold in the form of cold compresses or ice packs. Physical exertion, sauna visits and sunbathing should be avoided.

For inflammation of the gums:
lukewarm rinses with chamomile or sage solutions bring relief. Brushing with a myrrh tincture also helps. Objects that irritate the gums, such as a dental orthodontic or denture, should be removed. Spicy foods and mouthwash should be avoided.

Teething problems in young children:
When the milk teeth in children drill through the gums, inflammation of the gums above them often occurs. There are special homeopathic remedies for small children that make teething easier. In addition, cold compresses can be made to cool the cheek. If necessary, suppositories can also be given.

Pain from wisdom teeth:
In contrast to teething problems in small children, toothaches from wisdom teeth do not go away on their own. They keep recurring at regular intervals. Relief is provided by lukewarm mouth rinsing with chamomile and sage solutions and brushing with myrrh tincture.

Pain caused by fillings that have fallen out:
A tooth that has fallen out becomes very sensitive to cold and food. A crushed clove can be placed in the existing hole for pain relief. If it doesn’t cause pain, you can chew it with the broken tooth. In an emergency, a well-chewed gum can also be placed in the hole.


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