Allergies can also regress again!


Constant sneezing, burning eyes, air problems, rashes, itching, swelling, diarrhea, vomiting, … Allergies express themselves differently – but always unpleasant. The triggers are as varied as nature and chemistry are: dust, animal hair, pollen, insects, food, medicines, cosmetics, cleaning agents … But there are also people who convincingly report that their allergies will one day (almost) completely disappear was!

With a heavy heart she began to stay away from her animals, dust, raw milk (she came from a farm with cows that were milked every day!) – and found out more about allergies: in principle, everyone can get one out of the blue Get an allergy – the cause is a misguided immune system (but how it comes about, opinions differ).

The human, but also the animal immune system has the task of fending off pathogens such as viruses, bacteria or parasites. Normally the immune system forms antibodies that attack invading pathogens and render them harmless.
In the case of an allergy, the process is the same, the body is sensitized to certain substances, that is, it forms immune cells – mostly unnoticed by the person affected. If there is renewed contact with the allergenic substance, the body reacts with an immediate production of the corresponding defense cells and the allergic reaction with the associated symptoms sets in.

Anna M’s ordeal lasted for years: a long time in which she could sometimes breathe so badly that she couldn’t do any sport at all. A time when visits to friends with animals, even riding, became impossible (sneeze orgies!) And they often couldn’t breathe even at night – despite being perfectly clean in the room because of the dust allergy.

One day it happened that she moved out of the city in which she now lived – and settled in a house about 600 meters above sea level. A battle-hardened white cat with torn ears lived there, who immediately began to demand his old rights from the previous owner: food, milk, petting, sleeping in the warm! Fearful of what was in store for her, Anna M. gave in to her age-old love of cats and let the animal into the house.

The result: a slight sneeze, nothing else. And that also became less and less. Many cats followed him – one of them even sleeps in bed next to my pillow today! “

“Apparently allergies can really regress, even after years,” ponders Anna M.When I have too much work and worries, i.e. stress, the chance that my nose will start to run again, my eyes itch and I will have to sneeze all the time is clearly increased. Even when I clean and inhale dust, it starts again. But when I go for a walk and take a deep breath – because I can do that again now! – it stops immediately afterwards. Isn’t that wonderful! “

For all allergy sufferers who want that from the heart, one can say: allergies can actually regress again. You don’t know why. It is also not possible to determine when. Years can go by, as with Anna M., with others hay fever goes back after two years – or never. It is not possible to make predictions because medicine is still in its infancy. But the story of Anna M. gives some hope for all allergy sufferers – besides there are many such stories, Anna M. is obviously not an isolated case!


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