Acid-base balance – the basis for a healthy body


“I’m so mad!” – Sayings like these often reflect the psychological and physical reality. Our over-refined and denatured food supplies the body with 80 – 90% acid-forming substances every day. Most of the foods we are used to form harmful acids in the body – and sour is not always fun!

Biologically and biochemically, humans are basic beings. The blood is – and must – remain alkaline (pH 7.35 – 7.45). Even the slightest deviations would be life-threatening. All cells in our body are supplied by basic blood. The acid-base balance is the basis of all life processes in our organism. Physical illness and mental malaise are associated with physical over-acidification. In the case of tiredness, lack of energy, depression, concentration disorders, cold hands and feet, allergies, joint and muscle pain, eczema, hair loss, gastritis, constipation or diarrhea, the entire organism generally subsides into an acidic environment.

Where do the acids come from in our organism?

Most foods, such as sugar, sweeteners, white rice, cereals, sour milk products, cheese, bread, meat, alcoholic beverages, coffee and much more, form harmful acids in the body. In addition, the following factors have a negative effect on the acid-base balance:

The body cannot burn too much fat and leaves waste products, acetic acid and mucus behind.
Excessive protein nutrition leads to increased uric acid production.
A lack of exercise reduces the peripheral blood flow and acid build-up can occur, which can lead to vasoconstriction.
Overexertion – also of a sporting nature – causes increased lactic acid production in the muscles and connective tissue.
Shallow breathing and poor posture leave too little space to take in oxygen, which leads to an excess of carbon dioxide.
Stress gives the whole body a real acid bath.
Acids and poisons must be neutralized. Chronic acidosis can lead to the following diseases:

Mineral deficiency diseases – when too many minerals are taken from the body’s own depots: hair loss, tooth decay, periodontal disease, disc disease, varices, hernias, wrinkles, osteoporosis, etc.
Elimination diseases – when the detoxification organs are overwhelmed and toxins are excreted through the skin and mucous membranes: dental plaque, acne, purulent tonsils, eczema, allergies, psoriasis, foot and hand sweat, etc.
Deposition diseases – when acids and basic minerals meet, salts are formed that are deposited as slag: arteriosclerosis, gallstones, kidney stones, bladder stones, rheumatism, heart attack, tartar etc.
The optimal acid-base balance is achieved with alkaline minerals (sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium, with sodium being the most important factor. Physical health depends on a sufficient amount of alkaline mineral deposits. The ratio of calcium / magnesium proportions must If you take calcium alone, more magnesium is excreted and vice versa. A balanced sodium / potassium ratio is also a basic requirement for optimal function of the body cells.

Because the human organism cannot produce its own minerals, they must be supplied in sufficient quantities to neutralize the acids. If these are not supplied in sufficient quantities, the body makes use of the body’s own mineral deposits.

In addition to base-supplying foods such as potatoes, almonds, fruit, dried fruit, root, leaf and wild vegetables as well as herbs, the body can be deacidified with the help of an base-mineral mixture and a stable acid-base balance can be established. A base-mineral mixture developed from holistic medical research, which is free of unfavourable additives (vitamins, trace elements such as selenium, flavourings, types of sugar, etc.), gets into all 7 types of tissue (skin epithelia, supporting and connective tissue, muscles, bones, Cartilage tissue, fat tissue, nerve tissue) and provides the essential minerals there. In addition, this mixture can also pass through all tissue filters and thus reach all human humours.


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